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The price of a home or building inspection is mainly determined by the square footage of the building, but can also be affected by the building type, location and age.

Our prices start at $380.00 for a house up to 1600 square feet and then add .05 a square foot thereafter.

Example:         Inspection cost for a 2000 square foot home/ building:
                     2000 sq.ft.   -    1600 sq.ft.  = 400 sq.ft.
                     400  x  .05  =   $20.00
                     $380.00   +  $20.00   =  $400.00

The building type can sometimes affect the cost to the clients advantage.  For example; if the structure is on a slab, or lacks an attic it may cost less due to less effort for the inspector.

The location of the structure can also affect pricing. Rocky Mountain Inspection has conducted inspections in many areas of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. When asked to perform an inspection away from San Juan County we may ask to be compensated for travel expenses and time. This fee will have to be negotiated when contacted.

The age of the structure may affect the cost of an inspection to the clients advantage also. A newer structure may be easier to inspect as there may be no, or fewer, changes made by the occupants which results in less effort by the inspector.

in short, Rocky Mountain Real Estate Inspection is always trying to create a client friendly environment by dealing with each property evaluation singularly, seeking the best results for the fairest price.                                                                                                                                             Call today at 505-334-6136